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    This was a spur of the moment thing, we decided to go at the last minute and to our surprise we had a great experience. Viviane was very friendly and...

    WOW!!! Great Thai Massage!

What is Thai Massage

“Thai Massage Is A Fusion Of Traditional Massage
Combined With The Therapeutic Stretching Of Yoga”

Traditional Thai Massage
Thai Massage


Traditional Thai massage works to clear energy blockages and restore balance and harmony to the body.


Thai Massage is a complete system performed with a unique combination of deep tissue massage, acupressure and reflexology along the body’s energy lines coupled with gentle twisting and yoga stretching techniques to reduce stress and muscle soreness.


Thai Massage releases tension, increases vitality and creates wholeness of mind, body and spirit. Slow, flowing, and rhythmic, Thai Massage is both relaxing and therapeutic and can feel like the very life of the body and soul is being positively stirred and invigorated.