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Montreal Workshop Thai Massage Level 1B

Traditional Thai Yoga Massage for Health:  Level 1B

Date:  July 27, 28, 29, 2018 – Montreal


Length:  3 Days / 22 Hours Total

Location:  Suite 908 – 460 Saint Catherine West, Montreal, Quebec, H3B 1A7

Pre-requisite:  Level 1A | Suitable for all ages | Pre-registration required


About the Workshop:


This Level 1B Workshop is for students who are interested in building an even stronger foundation in traditional Thai yoga massage by learning more advanced techniques.  Students will learn an additional 80+ new techniques in side-lying, supine, prone and sitting positions, along with additional passive yoga-like stretching techniques.


In this Level 1B workshop, students will learn techniques to massage the back in a side-lying position, as well as learn how to give massage to the stomach, inside and outside of legs in supine position, and feet, as well as learn more advanced stretching techniques.  Emphasis will also be placed on the use of acupressure points, trigger point therapy, reflexology, and rhythmic compressions.  Students will also review the techniques learned in Level 1A.


Focus on meditative breath-work while applying massage on the sen sib (energy) lines will also be further developed.  Additionally, students will learn to tie together the techniques learned in Level 1A with the techniques learned in Level 1B.  From here, students will also be able to apply the 160+ techniques learnt in both Level 1A and 1B to customize a full body massage of 60, 90 or 120 minutes in length or as needed to provide benefits to the massage recipient.


Furthermore, students will also learn how to plan a massage to cover certain body parts, the timing required, and to finish the massage within the desired amount of time.  How to close a massage will also be revisited.


Students will be given time to practise with other students under supervision of the teacher.  Mini practical test is conducted as part of an on-going evaluation by the teacher during the practical training of each lesson where corrections are made during the training to assist student to be able to perform each position adequately.  A short quiz is given during day three.


Upon Completion of the Workshop


Participants will have received a detailed illustrated manual and will have the tools to give a more thorough and advance 60, 90 or 120 minute traditional Thai yoga massage.  A certificate of attendance from Bodhi Thai Massage will be given.  Students who have successfully completed both Level 1A and 1B, and who have passed the written and practise exams can receive the Foundation of Thai Massage Level 1 certificate from the Thai Massage School of Chiang Mai, Thailand, which is recognized and approved by the Thailand government, as well as by many of the massage associations in Quebec.


About the Teacher


Vivian is a registered massage therapist.  Graduating with honours at the top of the class, Vivian learned and studied Thai Massage at three of the top reputable schools in Thailand, one of which being Watpo (known for being the birthplace of Thai massage), where she also interned and worked.  She has taken her education in Thai massage to the level where she is recognized and accredited by the Ministry of Health of the Thailand Government to teach Thai yoga massage internationally.  Vivian has years of experience and she continues to accumulate skills and experience in Thai massage through active practise and constant learning.  She is passionate about cultivating health and well-being; and she gives and focuses her teaching with compassion, good will and heart.