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Herbal Ball Compress

Herbal Ball Thai Massage

Indulge yourself in bliss. This treatment is aimed specifically to help you relax, release blocked energy, and bring wellness, harmony and vitality back into your system.


Slow, flowing, rhythmic. Smooth, gentle, firm.  Relaxing, rejuvenating, revitalizing. This describes Traditional Thai Massage.  Now combine that with Herbal Ball Compresses, and you will have “Heavenly Bliss”.


A herbal ball is essentially a collection of carefully selected therapeutic herbs wrapped in a cotton cloth and steamed until it is hot so as to release the herbs aromatic and healing properties.  The ball is then taken and compressed over the key remedial lines of the body.  This process works to remove toxins, refresh the skin, free joints, relieve muscle aches, increase circulation, reduce inflammation, clear congestion in the lungs, as well as ease any remaining pain during and after a massage session.


The resulting effect is a uniquely relaxing, revitalizing and highly effective treatment. Sessions are performed on a mat on the floor with the client wearing loose, comfortable clothing.


The benefits of a herbal heat compress include:

  • improve blood flow and circulation
  • stimulate vital organs and senses
  • relieve from muscle and joint pain
  • alleviate inflammation, congestion, bronchitis and chronic stress
  • release toxins and other impurities
  • soothe the mind and body





90 min: $150 120 min: $180